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Which Zodiac Signs are Always Blessed?

Each Rashi or zodiac sign has its own importance and it gives unique characteristics to an individual born in it.  Some are born in Virgo and some are born in Cancer. Some are born in Capricorn and some are born in Aries. There are 12 Rashi or zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) in Indian astrology.

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Whatever the zodiac sign, people born in all zodiac signs have different characteristics. There are a few signs that always get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. They always get some astrology benefits, their fortunes can change very quickly and happiness, peace and prestige come down in their lives. Let’s know about these particular zodiac signs.


The ruling planet of Vrishabh or Taurus is Venus which is considered as an element of happiness, peace, wealth and prosperity. People of this zodiac sign are usually worshippers of art and beauty. They can easily attract and win the mind of the opposite sex. They can keep relationship with many persons. They always have a lofty positions in people’s minds. They can easily dominate everyone with their talent. They are always ready to sacrifice for their relatives.  The chanches of ups and downs in their lives are very low.  Procrastination is a negative quality of their characters. As a result, many good opportunities in their lives are wasted.  They are often sharp-witted, determined and patient. They have strong memory, they do not forget anything easily. They are very friendly and affectionate. They have a strong attraction for their respective  religions. They firmly believe in ancient power. They are very joyful and confident. They always give priorities on financial security and emotion in their lives but luxury and extravagance are the main obstacles in their lives.


Mother Lakshmi‘s blessings are always showered on those born in this zodiac sign.  They are very hardworking and determined people.  So they have a huge opportunity to get rich.  Moon is the ruling planet of this sign.  These people are usually imaginative,  emotional and romantic type.  They are luxurious but idealistic.  Again, they are self-centered but sensitive.  Nocturnal period is more dear to them. They like cold things very much.  People born under this sign become luxury travelers and fans of their parents.  They are a little picky, fickle, timid and rushing in doing their works.  Business intelligence is innate in them, so people of this zodiac sign improve more in business than in jobs.  They can be very lucrative, especially when trading in white and liquid products, aquatic products or foodstuffs.  Their health is not very strong.  They are prone to heart disease, stomach disease, head disease, tuberculosis and asthma.  They are always tidy and careless.


People born in this zodiac sign are very hardworking and efficient just like people born in Cancer. They just want to improve and work hard to get to the top.  Mother Lakshmi‘s blessings are always showered on this zodiac sign too. The planet of this zodiac sign is Robi.  People of this zodiac sign are endowed with wonderful physical beauty. Their bodies are lean, fat or double or whatever, they are muscular.  They are usually calm but when they get angry, they become ignorant. They are firm, stubborn, mighty, serious and kind. They improve their lives by their own efforts.  They can improve if they trade in red or yellow products. They can rapidly improve in the engineering and medical business.  People of this zodiac sign suffer from high blood pressure, eye diseases and stomach diseases. Their friendship or marriage with the people born in the signs of Scorpio, Pisces, Leo or Aries become happy.

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