Lord Kartikeya – The God of War

Lord Kartikeya – The God of War

God Kartikeya or Kartik is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He has many more names like Skanda, Murugan, Subrahmanya, Guha, Pabki, Mahasen, Shanmukh, Kumar, Kumaresh, Gangay, Bishakh, Kukkutdhbhaj, Naigmey etc. Let’s know the most important information about him.

Birth of God Kartikeya

God Kartikeya or Kartik was born in the constellation named Kritika and was adopted and raised as a son by the six Kritikas. So his name is Kartikeya or Kartik.

The God Commander

He is actually the god commander, the god of war. Devlok is called Kartik wherever there is a battle. According to the Puranas, he is young, gentle and strong. He is seen at the forefront of the army. That is why mother Durga did not become the companion of the heroic son in the war!

Six-headed God

According to the Puranas, Kartik has six heads of yellow color. So his other name is god Saranan (six-headed god). His goal is unwavering from all sides. In addition to the five senses, namely eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, he fights with a concentrated mind. He has a spear-arrow-bow in his hand. Conspiracy is an obstacle to the progress of human life, so even if you want to win the battle of life, you have to be alert and conscious like god Kartik.

Vehicle of Kartikeya

Kartikeya’s vehicle is the peacock. It is a very alert and active bird. He carries all the qualities of a soldier like Kartik.

The Consort of Kartikeya

According to some devotees, the war god Kartik is Akumar Brahmachari (a bachelor). According to another myth, Kartik’s wife is Devasena, the daughter of Indra, or Lakshmirupini Shasthi.

Worship of God Kartikeya

God Kartikeya was born for the destruction of Mahavali Tarakasur. No one could kill Tarakasur. Devakul was unrest for his oppression. Then Kartikeya killed Tarakasur by divine power. And after killing Tarakasur, Kartik became Devsenapati (commander of the gods). That is why Kartik is worshipped in a grand procession.

Kartikeya in Scriptures

As a deity, Kartik was once very popular throughout the Indian sub-continent. Among the Indian Puranas, the Skanda Purana contains a detailed account of Kartik. Moreover, there are various descriptions of Kartik in the Mahabharata and Sangam, Tamil literature. In the National Museum (Indian Museum) of India, there is a fancy statue of Kartikeya with twelve hands.

Kartikeya in Different Regions of the Planet

God Kartikeya is more popular in South India than in other regions of our planet. In Tamil and Malayalam, god Kartikeya is known as Murugan or Kandasamy and in Kannada and Telegu he is known as Subrahmanya. As Tamils live mainly in South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malayasia and Mauritius, god Murugan is worshipped in these places.

Kartikeya in Bengal

God Kartikeya is also very popular in Bengal since the ancient period. In Chuchura- Bansberia-Katwa of West Bengal, Kartik Puja (the worship of god Kartik) is very popular. In Bengal, he is worshipped in Kartik Sankrsnti (the end of Bengali month, Kartik)

God Kartikeya Mantra

One of the best Kartikeya mantras is given below-
“Gyaanashaktidhara skanda
valliikalyaaNa sundara
devasenaa manaH kaanta
kaartikeya namo.astute
OM subrahmanyaaya namah“
“Meaning: Adoration to Lord Kartikeya, who is also known as Skanda. He is the one who holds the staff of intelligence, and holds the beautiful beloved of Goddess Vallii. She is the enchanter of the mind of Goddess Devasena. I offer adorations repeatedly to that Divine Kartikeya.” [Credit for this mantra:www.lotusscuplture.com]

By Krishna Das

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