Safala Ekadashi Vrat Katha-Myth and Observation in 2021

Safala Ekadashi Vrat Katha-Myth and Observation in 2021

The name of the Ekadashi of Krishnapaksha in the Bengali month of Poush is “Safala”. Yudhisthira said, “O Lord, quench my curiosity about the names, rituals and deities of the Krishnapaksha Ekadashi of the month of Poush.” Then Lord Krishna narrated the story and significance of Safala Ekadashi or Krsna Ekadashi.

Safala Ekadashi Vrat

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A king named Mahishmat lived in the famous city of Champavati. The king had four sons. But his eldest son Lumbak was always involved in evil deeds. He condemned Brahmins, Vaishnavas and gods. Angered by his son’s behavior, the king expelled him from the kingdom. Abandoned by his wife, son, mother and relatives, Lumbak entered a deep forest. Sometimes he killed animals and sometimes he involved in stealing. A few days later he was caught by the guards in the city. But he was freed later as he was a prince. Again he went back to the forest and began to live by killing animals and eating fruits. In that forest there was a huge banyan tree. The tree had attained divinity as Lord Sri Basudev resides there. Under that tree sinful Lumbak lived. After a long time, as a result of any virtue of his previous birth, he ate only fruits on the eleventh day of the month of Poush. But he spent the night in the cold of the night. The next day, the sun rose, but he fell unconscious. Around noon, he regained consciousness. To satisfy his hunger, he collected some fruits with great difficulty. Then he came under the tree and rested again.

At night Lumbak became very hungry. Offering some fruits to God he said, ‘”O God, what will happen to me?” Thus he spent the night in hunger and insomnia.
Lord Narayana accepted the night awakening of that sinful Lumbak as the awakening of Ekadashi and the offering of fruits as worship. Thus Lumbak observed
Safala Ekadashi vrat unknowingly. In the morning he heard a prophecy in the sky – “O son, you will receive the kingdom by the virtuous effect of the successful vrat. As soon as he heard that prophecy, he became divine. After enjoying the pleasures of the kingdom for some time with his wife and son, he gave the responsibility of the kingdom to his son and took sannyas. Eventually at death he returned to God.

Finishing the story, Lord said to Yudhisthira, “O Maharaj, whoever observes Safala Ekadashi in this way, attains worldly happiness and attains Moksha. Blessed are those who respect this vrat. Their life in this world is undoubtedly successful.

Safala Ekadashi or Krsna Ekadashi is the last Ekadashi vrat in 2021. This Ekadashi vrat will be observed on Thursday, 30th December. Parana (ritual to break Ekadashi fasting) for this Ekdashi vrat will be observed on Friday, 31st December (from 6:41 am to 10:14 am) in Bangladesh.

By Krishna Das

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