Jhulan Yatra -The Holy Festival of Swings

Jhulan Yatra or Jhulan Purnima is a very important festival for the followers of Lord Krishna. The festival commences from the Pavitropana Ekadashi (11th day on the waxing phase of the moon) of the month of Shravan and lasts till the day of Shravan (July-August) Purnima (full moon) i.e. Rakhi. This festival is also considered as the biggest Vaishnava festival after Rath Yatra.

On the occasion of this festival, devotees worship the idols of Radha-Krishna ritually and put them on a dolna (swing). According to the scriptures, this festival originated in the Dwapara Yuga. The festival first started around the divine play of Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna used to play on the swings with his consort, Radha, and their friends, the ”gopis” and ”gopas”.Then gradually this festival started to become interesting like all other festivals of the year.

During this festival, beautifully decorated swings are created, often made of gold or silver, on which is placed an idol of Radha-Krishna. The dolna (swing) is swung from side to side to the accompaniment of music and dancing by the devotees. Devotional hymns and songs dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort, Sreemati Radharani are sung by devotees. Special foods are offered to the deities as well as special ”aarti” is performed.

This festival is celebrated in grand style in the Vaishnava temples across the world. While some temples celebrate the Jhulan Yatra festival only for one day, in other temples it is observed from the day of Ekadashi to the day of Purnima, which runs for five days in the Shravan month.

This year (2022) Jhulan Yatra will be celebrated on 12 August.

Happy Jhulan Yatra, 2022

By Krishna Das


Krishna Das is an experienced article writer. He writes about Hinduism in his spare time.

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