Putrada Ekadashi – Story and Significance

Putrada Ekadashi – Story and Significance

The Ekadashi which falls on the bright fortnight of the month of Poush (December-January) as per Hindu calendar is called Putrada Ekadashi or Pousha Shukla Ekadashi. It occurs after Saphala Ekadashi and followed by Shattila Ekadashi. It is said that a childless couple who observes this vrat according to the vidhi (tradition/rules) gets blessed with a baby. Hence, the name of the Ekadashi Vrat is Putrada Ekadashi vrat, and since it falls in the month, Poush, it is also called Pousha Putrada Ekadashi. Lord Krishna, on being asked by king Yudishtira about Putrada Ekadashi vrat, narrated the story and significance of this Ekadashi to the king.

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There was a king named Suketuman in the kingdom of Bhadravati. His queen’s name was Shaivya. The royal couple was living happily ever after. The king became anxious when he could not have a son, even though he had been performing rituals for a long time. So the sonless king had no happiness in his mind. He thought the birth of a sonless man was futile. Not having a child or son meant that he would not have anyone to inherit the kingdom and that was a tormenting thought for the royal couple.

Then one day the king went to the dense forest. When the afternoon passed while traveling in the forest, the king became very hungry and thirsty. He started searching for water from place to place. At last he saw a beautiful lake. There was an ashram (hermitage) near the lake. He appeared there. The sages were reciting the Vedas on the banks of the lake. He paid obeseince to the sages and addressed them with praises and requested them to reveal their identity to him. The sages told the king that they were ten sons of Vishva, the Vishvadevas and they had come to bathe in that lake. They added that thatday was Putrada Ekadashi Tithi and the month of Magh would start five days from thatday. The name of that Ekadashi Vrat is ‘Putrada‘ because it rewards a son to the sonless parents.

Hearing their words, the king told the sages that he was childless. He also said that he had performed many religious and pious activities for having a son but those had not helped him to have a son. So he became very depressed. Then the sages advised the king to observe Putrada Ekadashi Vrat and blessed him saying that their blessings to the king would reward him with a brilliant son.

Being very happy, the king observed Putrada Ekadashi vrat. Then the king left back for his palace thanking the sages. Within a short period Queen Shaivya became pregnant and later gave birth to a son. The happiness of the royal couple knew know bounds. The son grew up to be a brilliant and brave prince. Eventually, the king handed over the reign of the kingdom to his son.

Pousha Putrada Ekadashi is very significant to thle devotees. Those who sincerely observe this Ekadashi vrat and worship Lord Vishnu will be saved from the hell called ‘Put‘. It is said that if one observes the Putrada Ekadashi vrat properly, he/she gets the same result as performing the Agnistom yajna. The significance of this Ekadashi vrat has been described in the Brahmandpurana.

This year, Pousha Putrada Ekadashi will fall on Monday, January 02, 2023. The Ekadashi Parana will be observed  on Tuesday,  January  03, 2023.

By Krishna Das

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