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Kauravas:A Saga of Power, Conflict, and Destiny

The Mahabharata, a timeless epic, unfolds a tale of two legendary clans, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, descendants of the noble King Kuru. Their narrative embodies the clash between righteousness and ambition, with the Kauravas representing the material or darker forces that antagonized the Pandavas.

Etymology of Kaurava

The term ‘Kaurava’ encompasses both the Pandavas and the descendants of King Dhritarastra, but commonly refers to Dhritarastra’s hundred sons, excluding the Pandavas.

Birth of the Kauravas


Dhritarastra, the blind king, married Gandhari, who yearned for a hundred sons. Through the boon of sage Vyasa, she conceived but remained pregnant for an unusual duration. Eventually, a lump of flesh emerged, later divided by Vyasa into a hundred boys and one girl, symbolizing the birth of the Kauravas.

Prime Kauravas

Prime Kauravas

Among the hundred Kauravas, a few attained greater prominence. Duryodhana, the eldest, along with Dushasana and their sister Dushala, feature prominently. Additionally, Sama and Jalagandha are renowned among this illustrious lineage.

Initiation of Conflict

Duryodhana’s claim to the throne was contested by his cousin Yudhisthira due to his birth order. This contention led the Kauravas to employ unfair means against the Pandavas, culminating in a rigged game of dice where the Pandavas lost their kingdom and were exiled for thirteen years, including a year incognito.

The Great War: Kurukshetra

Upon the Pandavas’ return, the Kauravas refused to restore their kingdom, sparking the colossal conflict of Kurukshetra. This war witnessed the involvement of numerous kings and the Kaurava sons, driving a wedge between the two factions.

Fate of the Kauravas

The battle of Kurukshetra ended tragically for the Kauravas. Duryodhana’s twenty-nine sons perished, leaving few survivors. Succession attempts ensued, but ultimately, no Kauravas remained after the war’s conclusion.

The names of Hundred Kauravas

Abhayan, Aadithyakethu, Amapramaadhy, Anaadhrushyan, Anthudaran, Aparaajithan, Belavardhanan, Bheemabalan, Bheemavegan, Bahwaasy, Chaaruchithra, Chithraakshan, Chithrabaanan, Chithrakundalan, Chithravarman, Chithraayudhan, Chithran, Chithraamgan, Deerkharoman, Dhridhakarmaavu, Dhridharathaasrayan, Dhridhavarmaan, Dhridhakshathran, Dhridhasandhan, Duryodhanan, Durmadan, Durvigaahan, Duraadharan, Durmukhan, Dushkarnan, Dushpradharshan, Dussaasanan, Dussahan, Dussalan, Dussala (the only sister born in the family of Kauravas), Gajakarnan, Jalagandhan, Jaraasandhan, Kaanchanadhwajan, Kavachy, Kundhaadharan, Kundhabhedy, Kundhaasy, Kundhasaai, Kundhy, Kradhanan, Mahodaran, Mahaabaahu, Naagadathan, Nandan, Nishamgy, Paasy, Pramadhan, Saalan, Sadaasuvaak, Saman, Saraasanan, Sathyasandhan, Senaany, Somakeerthy, Suhasthan, Sujaathan, Suhasthan, Suveeryavaan, Suvarman, Suvarchan, Suvarman, Suveeryavaan, Sushenan, Sunaabhan, Ugrasenan, Ugrasaai, Ugraayudhan, Ugrasravas, Upanandan, Upachithran, Vaalaky, Vaathavegan, Vindhan, Vivilsu, Vikarnan, Vikatinandan, Vrindaarakan, Veerabaahu, Virajass, Yuyutsu.


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