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Ashtasakhi:Eight Divine Consorts of Radha-Krishna

The Ashtasakhi stand as a revered group of eight prominent gopis closely associated with Radha-Krishna in Hindu tradition. These divine companions are considered goddesses and the consorts of Krishna, symbolizing the pinnacle of devotion and love in the Vaishnava faith.


Lalita, the eldest among the sakhi, holds a pivotal position within the Ashtasakhi group. Born slightly earlier than Radha, she assumes a crucial role in mitigating Radha’s emotions and orchestrating meetings between Radha and Krishna. The Sri Lalita Sakhi Temple in Unchagaon stands as a testament to her significance, allowing devotees to pay homage to her divine presence.


Vishaka, who shares Radha’s age, plays an integral part in adorning the divine couple. Her service involves meticulously arranging clothing and ornaments for Radha-Krishna. The Sri Vishakha Radha Raman Bihariji Temple in Kamai is dedicated to her worship, attracting devotees seeking her blessings.


As the third senior gopi, Champaklata fulfills a unique role in the Ashtasakhi ensemble. Hailing from Karahla village, she collects forest produce to cook meals for Radha-Krishna. The Sri Champaklata Sakhi Temple in Karhala pays homage to her devoted service.


Chitra, born in Chiksauli village, embodies multifaceted skills. Her expertise ranges from music played on water-filled pots to a profound knowledge of astronomy, astrology, and animal care. Additionally, she tends to the garden, showcasing her diverse talents. The Sri Chitra Sakhi Temple in Chiksauli venerates her contributions.


Born in Dabhala village, Tungavidhya stands out for her expertise in various arts and sciences. Her mastery extends to teaching music, playing the Veena, and singing. The Sri Tungavidya Sakhi Temple in Dabhala celebrates her profound skills and devotion.


Indulekha, born in Anjanoka village, primarily focuses on preparing food for Radha-Krishna. Some traditions also highlight her prowess in dance. Devotees pay homage to her at the Sri Indulekha Sakhi Temple in Anjanoka.

Rangadevi and Sudevi

Rangadevi and Sudevi, born in Rakholi, play essential roles in the divine play. Rangadevi’s responsibilities include burning incense, carrying coal, and fanning the divine couple. Sudevi, the youngest among the Ashtasakhi, offers water to Radha-Krishna. Devotees honor them at the Sri Radha Manohar Rangadevi Temple in Rakholi and the Sri Sudevi Sakhi Temple in Sunhera village, respectively.

Significance of Ashtasakhi

The Ashtasakhi embody selfless devotion and unwavering dedication to Krishna, symbolizing the epitome of love and commitment in Vaishnavism. They serve as a conduit, representing the profound connection between devotees and the divine. Their roles in the Raslila further accentuate their spiritual significance.

Spiritual Traditions and Worship

Across various Krishnaism traditions like Pushtimarg Sampradaya, Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaya, and others, the Ashtasakhi occupy revered positions. They serve as intermediaries through whom devotees approach and connect with Radha-Krishna, playing a crucial role in spiritual beliefs and practices.

Temples Dedicated to Ashtasakhi

Numerous temples across different regions serve as centers for the veneration of the Ashtasakhi. Among these, the Sri Radha Rasbihari Ashtasakhi Temple in Vrindavan and the Sri Ashtasakhi Temple in Barsana stand as prominent sites for devotees to express their reverence and seek blessings from these divine companions.


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