Brihaspati: A Multifaceted Deity

Brihaspati: A Multifaceted Deity

Brihaspati, an enigmatic figure within Hindu mythology, transcends conventional understanding through his multifaceted significance. From his origins as a deity intertwined with fire to his identification as the colossal planet Jupiter, Brihaspati’s narrative encompasses diverse roles and interpretations that reflect the depth of Hindu cosmology and spirituality.

Lord Brihaspati

Sage Brihaspati

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, Sage Brihaspati emerges as a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment. Revered as the progeny of the primordial light, he symbolizes the triumph of knowledge over ignorance and the eternal pursuit of truth. Brihaspati’s portrayal as a sage exudes purity, radiance, and a profound connection to the cosmic order, exemplified by his celestial bow, strung with the essence of Rta, the divine principle of righteousness. As the revered Guru of the Devas, his teachings transcend the mundane, guiding celestial beings towards spiritual enlightenment and moral righteousness. Known by various epithets such as Bramanaspati, Purohita, Angirasa, and Vyasa, Brihaspati embodies the quintessence of divine wisdom and benevolence. His union with Tara, the goddess who embodies the celestial firmament, reflects the harmonious balance between the terrestrial and celestial realms.


The iconography of Brihaspati transcends earthly confines, depicting the celestial magnificence of this revered deity. Manifesting as a luminous figure adorned with celestial splendor, Brihaspati’s golden visage radiates divine wisdom and transcendental grace. His head, encircled by a halo of moon and stars, symbolizes the celestial expanse over which he presides. Depicted holding various symbolic attributes, such as a container of soma or a staff adorned with lotus and beads, Brihaspati’s iconography reflects regional nuances of devotional practice and cultural reverence. Whether portrayed alongside a tamed tiger or in serene contemplation, Brihaspati’s divine image evokes reverence, awe, and a profound sense of spiritual connection among devotees.

Brihaspati Smriti and Brihaspati Sutras

The legacy of Sage Brihaspati extends beyond the realms of mythology into the jurisprudential domain of ancient India. The Brihaspati Smriti, although lost to the annals of time, persists through the scholarly endeavors of modern reconstructionists. This comprehensive text, akin to the Manusmriti, delves into the intricacies of judicial processes and jurisprudence, offering insights into the ethical and legal frameworks of ancient Indian society. Despite the absence of the original manuscript, the preservation of its verses in other Indian texts facilitates a glimpse into its erstwhile prominence.

Similarly, the Brihaspati Sutras, attributed to Sage Brihaspati, elucidate philosophical doctrines rooted in materialism and anti-theism. These sutras form the bedrock of the Charvaka school of Indian philosophy, challenging orthodox conceptions and advocating for a rationalistic worldview. While the original manuscript remains elusive, fragments of the text endure within Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain literary traditions, serving as a testament to its enduring philosophical legacy.

Brihaspati as a Planet

Within the realm of Hindu astronomical discourse, Brihaspati assumes a celestial guise as the planet Jupiter. Ancient Sanskrit texts, ranging from the Aryabhatiya to the Surya Siddhanta, meticulously document Brihaspati’s celestial motion, offering insights into the dynamics of planetary orbits and astronomical phenomena. Despite variations among different manuscript versions, these texts converge on Brihaspati’s pivotal role within the cosmic order.

Scholarly deliberations on Brihaspati’s sidereal revolutions yield diverse estimates, underscoring the complexities inherent in astronomical calculations. From the meticulous observations of ancient scholars to the nuanced interpretations of modern astronomers, Brihaspati’s celestial trajectory continues to inspire awe and fascination.


The worship of Brihaspati extends beyond mere celestial contemplation, permeating the spiritual fabric of Hindu devotion. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Hindu astrology, or Jyotisha, Brihaspati assumes a revered position alongside other celestial entities, guiding devotees on their cosmic journey. Pilgrimages to temples dedicated to Brihaspati, such as the renowned sanctuary in the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu, offer devotees a sacred space to seek celestial blessings and spiritual solace. Through rituals, prayers, and offerings, devotees invoke Brihaspati’s benevolence, seeking auspiciousness, prosperity, and divine guidance in their earthly endeavors. The sanctity of Thursday, consecrated as Brihaspativara in Hindu tradition, serves as a beacon of celestial grace, drawing devotees into the luminous orbit of Brihaspati’s divine presence.

Brihaspati Mantra

devanaam cha rusheenaam cha gurum kaanchana sannibham|
buddhimantam trilokesham tam namaami bruhaspatim||

Meaning: I bow to Brihaspati, the teacher of gods and sages, who shines like gold, who is intelligent, the lord of the three worlds.

Dedicated Day

Thursday, consecrated as Brihaspativara in Hindu tradition, serves as a sanctified day for devotees to offer prayers and homage to Brihaspati. According to astrological beliefs, invoking Brihaspati’s blessings on Thursdays facilitates the attainment of auspiciousness and prosperity. Across the tapestry of Hindu mythology and astrological lore, Thursday emerges as a beacon of celestial grace and divine favor, drawing devotees into the luminous orbit of Brihaspati’s benevolence.


In conclusion, the enigmatic persona of Brihaspati transcends the confines of conventional deity worship, embodying the boundless depths of Hindu cosmology and spirituality. From his exalted status as a sage of divine wisdom to his celestial manifestation as the planet Jupiter, Brihaspati’s narrative encapsulates the eternal quest for knowledge, righteousness, and spiritual enlightenment. Through veneration, worship, and scholarly inquiry, devotees and scholars alike continue to unravel the mysteries of Brihaspati, uncovering profound insights into the interconnectedness of the terrestrial and celestial realms.

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