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Prithvi Sukta: The Vedic Hymn to the Earth

The Prithvi Sukta, found in the ancient text Atharva Veda, holds deep significance in Hinduism, honoring Prithvi (Mother Earth) and her vital role in sustaining life. Comprising 63 verses, it praises the beauty and importance of Earth, inspiring caretakers to establish ashrams and nurture the land and its inhabitants. This Sukta emphasizes compassion for all beings, rooted in respect for nature and our surroundings, embodying a god-like quality within humanity.

Satyam Brhad-Rtam-Ugram Diikssaa Tapo Brahma Yajnyah Prthiviim Dhaarayanti |
Saa No Bhuutasya Bhavayasya Patny[i]-Urum Lokam Prthivii Nah Krnnotu ||1||

Meaning: Satyam (truth), Brhad-Rtam (vast order), Ugram (strength), Diikssaa (initiation), Tapo (austerity), Brahma (divine essence), and Yajnyah (sacrificial rituals) sustain the Earth. May the Earth, the consort of all beings, grant us a wide world.

Asambaadham Badhyato Maanavaanaam Yasyaa Udvatah Pravatah Samam Bahu |
Naanaa-Viiryaa Ossadhiiryaa Bibharti Prthivii Nah Prathataam Raadhyataam Nah ||2||

Meaning: The earth, which supports humanity without causing obstruction, and remains steady despite having varied terrain of heights and depths, holds numerous herbs with different virtues. May this earth expand and be favorable to us.

Yasyaam Samudra Uta Sindhur-Aapo Yasyaam-Annam Krssttayah Sambabhuuvuh |
Yasyaam-Idam Jinvati Praannad-Ejat-Saa No Bhuumih Puurva-Peye Dadhaatu ||3||

Meaning: In whom the ocean and river waters originate, from whom food and crops come forth, in whom all life breathes and moves—may that Earth bestow her blessings upon us as she did in ancient times.

Yasyaash-Catasrah Pradishah Prthivyaa Yasyaam-Annam Krssttayah Sambabhuuvuh |
Yaa Bibharti Bahudhaa Praannad-Ejat-Saa No Bhuumir-Gossv[u]-Apy[i]-Anne Dadhaatu ||4||

Meaning: May this Earth, who belongs to the noble, who brings forth food and grains, who nourishes many life forms in various ways, and who moves with life, grant us sustenance and prosperity.

Yasyaam Puurve Puurvajanaa Vicakrire Yasyaam Devaa Asuraan-Abhyavartayan |
Gavaam-Ashvaanaam Vayasash-Ca Visstthaa Bhagam Varcah Prthivii No Dadhaatu ||5||

Meaning: May the earth, on which the ancestors deliberated, on which the gods and demons fought, and which provides for cows, horses, and offspring, grant us prosperity, fortune, and brilliance.

Vishvambharaa Vasudhaanii Pratisstthaa Hirannya-Vakssaa Jagato Niveshanii |
Vaishvaanaram Bibhratii Bhuumir-Agnim-Indra-Rssabhaa Dravinne No Dadhaatu ||6||

Meaning: Earth, the supporter of all, rich in treasures, the foundation, with a golden chest, the abode of the world, bearing universal fire, carrying Agni within, may Indra’s bull grant us wealth.

Yaam Rakssanty[i]-Asvapnaa Vishva-Daaniim Devaa Bhuumim Prthiviim-Apramaadam |
Saa No Madhu Priyam Duhaam-Atho Ukssa-Tu Varcasaa ||7||

Meaning: The Earth, who gives dreams and the world, revered by the gods, steady and unshakable, may she give us sweet milk and lift us with her brilliance.

Yaa-[A]rnnave-[A]dhi Salila-Magna Aasiidyaam Maayaabhir-Anvacaran-Maniissinnah |
Yasyaa Hrdayam Parame Vyomant-Satyena-[A]avrtam-Amrtam Prthivyaah |
Saa No Bhuumis-Tvissim Balam Raassttre Dadhaatu-Uttame ||8||

Meaning: The Earth was submerged in the primordial waters and surrounded by illusions. Her heart, in the highest heavens, is covered with truth and immortality, beyond the earthly realm. May this Earth give us strength and prosperity in our nation.

Yasyaam-Aapah Paricaraah Samaaniir-Ahoraatre Apramaadam Kssaranti |
Saa No Bhuumir-Bhuuri-Dhaaraa Payo Duhaam-Atho Ukssatu Varcasaa ||9||

Meaning: Where the waters, full of care, move without cease, both by day and by night, may that Earth, our mother, yield us her milk in plenty, and may it also give us ample pasture.

Yaam-Ashvinaav[au]-Amimaataam Vissnnur-Yasyaam Vicakrame |
Indro Yaam Cakra Aatmane-[A]namitraam Shacii-Patih |
Saa No Bhuumirvi Srjataam Maataa Putraaya Me Payah ||10||

Meaning: May Earth, the mother of creatures, in whom Vishnu walked, upon whom Indra, the wielder of the thunderbolt, performed a mighty deed for his friend (Saci’s husband), release milk for me, her son.

Girayas-Te Parvataa Himavanto-[A]rannyam Te Prthivi Syonam-Astu |
Babhrum Krssnnaam Rohinniim Vishvaruupaam Dhruvaam Bhuumim Prthiviim-Indra-Guptaam |
Ajiite-[A]hato Akssato-[A]dhyasstthaam Prthiviim-Aham ||11||

Meaning: Mountains and forests of the Himalayas, may the earth be pleasant for you. The brown, black, and red earth, the earth of various forms, stable and protected by Indra, I shall dwell on this invincible, unharmed, and steadfast earth.

Yat-Te Madhyam Prthivi Yac-Ca Nabhyam Yaasta Uurjas-Tanvah Sambabhuuvuh |
Taasu No Dhehy[i]-Abhi Nah Pavasva Maataa Bhuumih Putro Aham Prthivyaah |
Parjanyah Pitaa Sa U Nah Pipartu ||12||

Meaning: Whatever exists in the middle of the earth and in the space, whatever energetic bodies have come into being, place them in us for our benefit. The Earth is my mother, and I am her son. May Parjanya (the rain-god) be our father and nourish us.

Yasyaam Vedim Parigrhnnanti Bhuumyaam Yasyaam Yajnyam Tanvate Vishva-Karmaannah |
Yasyaam Miiyante Svaravah Prthivyaam-Uurdhvaah Shukraa Aahutyaah Purastaat |
Saa No Bhuumir-Vardhayad-Vardhamaanaa ||13||

Meaning: In the Earth where the Vedas are embraced, where the universal creators perform their sacrifices, where the sacred hymns ascend, and where the clarified offerings are made, may that Earth, continually flourishing, sustain and nourish us.

Yo No Dvessat-Prthivii Yah Prtanyaad-Yo-[A]bhidaasaan-Manasaa Yo Vadhena |
Tam No Bhuume Randhaya Puurvakrtvari ||14||

Meaning: May that earth, which contains the ocean and is surrounded by the sky, which is held by the mind and pervades through sacrifices, and which is adorned by all beings, support us with its protection and grant us the fruits of our deeds.

Tvaj-Jaataas-Tvayi Caranti Martyaas-Tvam Bibharssi Dvi-Padas-Tvam Catuss-Padah |
Tave[a-I]me Prthivi Maanavaa Yebhyo Jyotir-Amrtam Martyebhya Udyant-Suuryo Rashmibhir-Aatanoti ||15||

Meaning: From you are born mortals who move upon you; you bear those with two legs and those with four. On you, O Earth, these five human races live. For them, the Sun, rising with its rays, spreads light and immortality among mortals.

Taa Nah Prajaah Sam Duh-Rataam Samagraa Vaaco Madhu Prthivii Dhehi Mahyam ||16||

Meaning: May all our progeny thrive together; O Earth, grant me sweet speech and intelligence.

Vishvasvam Maataram-Ossadhiinaam Dhruvaam Bhuumim Prthiviim Dharmannaa Dhrtaam |
Shivaam Syonaam-Anu Carema Vishvahaa ||17||

Meaning: May we follow the Earth, the mother of all plants, stable and upheld by Dharma, auspicious and pleasant, all our lives.

Mahat-Sadhastham Mahatii Babhuuvitha Mahaan-Vega Ejathur-Vepathusstte |
Mahaan-s-Tve[a-I]ndro Rakssatya[i-A]pramaadam |
Saa No Bhuume Pra Rocaya Hirannyasye[a-I]va Samdrshi Maa No Dvikssata Kashcana ||18||

Meaning: Great is your domain and vast your presence; you move with a mighty force and tremble. The great Indra protects you without fail. O Earth, shine for us like gold, and let no one harm us.


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