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Veera Lakshmi: A Symbol of Bravery and Strength

Veera Lakshmi, also known as Dhairya Lakshmi, is a powerful manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, embodying strength, courage, and valor. This divine form is especially revered for bestowing the fortitude needed to face adversaries and overcome obstacles. In several texts, Goddess Vaishno Devi is identified with Veera Lakshmi, emphasizing her role as a protector and a warrior. Additionally, in some regions, Veera Lakshmi is considered one of the Ashta Lakshmis, a group of eight forms of Lakshmi each symbolizing different aspects of prosperity and well-being.

Veera Lakshmi

Attributes and Iconography

Veera Lakshmi is often depicted in a manner similar to Goddess Durga, signifying her fierce and powerful nature. She is typically shown riding a lion, a symbol of bravery and strength. Her imagery includes various weapons such as a trident (Trishul), sword, mace, conch, chakra, bow, and lotus, and she is usually depicted with eight arms. Two of her hands are often in the Abhaya (fear-dispelling) and Varada (boon-giving) mudras, which convey protection and blessings to her devotees.

The depiction of Veera Lakshmi with these weapons symbolizes her readiness to combat evil and protect her followers. The lion represents the courage and determination required to face and conquer adversities, making her an inspirational figure for those seeking strength and resilience.

Worship and Offerings

Devotees of Veera Lakshmi offer pure vegetarian food items, reflecting the emphasis on purity and devotion in her worship. Unlike some deities who might be offered non-vegetarian items, Veera Lakshmi’s offerings are strictly vegetarian. This practice underscores the sanctity and purity associated with her worship.

Veera Lakshmi is particularly invoked when starting new ventures. The initial phases of any new endeavor often come with doubts and uncertainties. By seeking the blessings of Veera Lakshmi, devotees believe they can gain the clarity and courage needed to overcome these initial hesitations and achieve success.

Legends of Veera Lakshmi

The Sorcerer Bhairo

One of the most compelling legends involving Veera Lakshmi is her battle with the sorcerer Bhairo. Bhairo attempted to molest her, but Veera Lakshmi, embodying divine strength and righteousness, fought back and defeated him. This story is not only a testament to her power but also serves as a symbolic narrative encouraging women to be strong and self-reliant, ready to defend themselves against any form of attack or injustice.

The Story of King Bhoja Rajan

Another significant tale is that of King Bhoja Rajan. He ruled his kingdom with great wisdom and devotion to the Ashta Lakshmis. His reign was marked by prosperity and happiness among his people. One day, while performing a pooja (ritual worship) to the Ashta Lakshmis, he noticed that their faces appeared sad. Concerned, he inquired about the reason.

The Ashta Lakshmis revealed that it was time for them to leave his kingdom, but as a token of their love and respect for him, they offered to grant him one boon. King Bhoja Rajan requested that Sri Dhairya (Veera) Lakshmi remain in his kingdom. The other Lakshmis agreed, explaining that where Dhairya Lakshmi resides, the other forms of Lakshmi would also remain. This story highlights the essential role of Dhairya Lakshmi in ensuring the overall prosperity and well-being of a kingdom.

The Importance of Veera (Dhairya) Lakshmi

Veera Lakshmi, symbolizing courage and fortitude, plays a crucial role in overcoming doubts and fears. This is exemplified in the Mahabharata during the Kurukshetra war. Arjuna, a key warrior, hesitated to fight his revered Guru Dronacharya and some of his relatives. Lord Krishna imparted wisdom and courage to Arjuna, encouraging him to overcome his inner turmoil and fight for righteousness. This episode underscores the importance of courage and mental clarity, traits that are embodied by Dhairya Lakshmi.

Veera Lakshmi Stotram

jayavaravarśhiṇi vaiśhṇavi bhārgavi, mantra svarūpiṇi mantramaye
suragaṇa pūjita śīghra phalaprada, Gyāna vikāsini śāstranute |
bhavabhayahāriṇi pāpavimocani, sādhu janāśrita pādayute
jaya jayahe madhu sūdhana kāmini, dhairyalakśhmī paripālaya mām ‖

Meaning: O goddess who showers victory, who is the form of Vishnu and daughter of Bhrigu, embodiment of mantras, worshiped by celestial beings, granting swift results, fostering knowledge, praised in scriptures, remover of worldly fears and sins, refuge of the righteous, beloved of Madhusudana (Vishnu), courageous Dhairyalakshmi, protect me.


Veera Lakshmi, with her empowering presence, teaches us the significance of courage and clarity. Her blessings are believed to dispel confusion and instill the strength needed to face challenges head-on. By worshipping Veera Lakshmi and seeking her guidance, devotees aspire to achieve success in their endeavors and lead lives filled with valor and determination. Her stories and legends serve as timeless reminders of the power of courage and the importance of standing up against adversities, making her an enduring symbol of strength and resilience.


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