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Earthquake and A Hindu Scriptural Story

In recent years some major earthquakes around the Earth have threatened the inhabitants of this planet. Day to day this threat is increasing. Modern scientists are trying their best to find out a way to forecast earthquakes, experts are making earthquake resistant building codes and the higher authorities of different countries are giving advice or caution against earthquake to their countrymen.

Earthquake (Photo

Actually it is never possible to prevent a natural disaster. We can only know the cause of it and we can at best try to save ourselves from it. So, let’s know the cause of earthquakes in the light of modern science and a Sanatan Hindu scripture.

Earthquake and Plate Tectonic Theory

Scientists explain the cause of earthquake through Plate Tectonic theory. Though it is controversial, it is the most acceptable theory till now. As per the theory, the lithosphere or the outermost shell of the Earth is divided into seven major and eight minor plates.

Earthquake Seismic Plates

As the Earth is roughly spherical, these plates are fractured into curved sections that are in constant motion relative to each other and meet in various ways along their edges. These edges of the plates are called plate boundaries where earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mount buildings and oceanic trenches occur. This theory of earthquake is a relatively young scientific theory and the tectonic plates of this theory were mapped in the second half of the 20th century.

Seismic Plates and Hindu Scripture

Though the tectonic plates were discovered few decades ago, these were created during the creation of our planet. From a sacred story of Sanatan Hindu scripture we can know its reality. In that sacred story it is said that  when Lord Brahma, the Creator, was planning to create the universe, the demons or asuras named Madhu and Kaitabha, stole the Vedas from Lord Brahma and threw them into the waters of the cosmic ocean. Lord Vishnu, one of the Triad, in His another form as Hayagriva, killed them and regained the Vedas. The bodies of Madhu and Kaitabha were disintegrated into twelve pieces. These represent twelve seismic plates of the Earth.

What Should We Do?

Scientists can find out the causes of natural calamities but they cannot invent any measure to prevent them. The movement of seismic plates and its effect can never be stopped as well. So, we should pray to the greatest Scientist of all sciences (God) for the safety of our life and property.

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