Libra Facts: Top 10 Libra Traits

Libra Facts: Top 10 Libra Traits

Libra or Tula Rashi represented by scales is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac chart. A Libra is a person born between 23rd September to 22nd October. Like other zodiac signs Libra has a own set of features. Here are the top 10 Libra traits discussed in the light of Indian and Western astrological concepts. It is mentionable that all Libras are not exactly the same, but these Libra facts are very important to know.

Libra facts:Libra or Tula Rashi represented by scales is the seventh astrological sign.

1.Libras’ Ruling Planet Is Venus

Many people say why Libras are so graceful. There is only one answer. That is, the ruling planet of Libras is Venus. According to Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. We know that grace, charm, beauty etc. are all ruled by Venus. Through Venus, we can learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic trend, and what makes us happy. So, Libras possess these good qualities for the rulership of Venus over them.

2.Libra Is An Air Sign

Libra is an air sign which appears at the beginning of a season and is known to be a leader. Air is also related to our breathing as well as our existence. Air is formless or lacking a concrete body, unlimited by space, and can flow everywhere. So, it cannot be enclosed or captivated. Comparing to these natures of air, we can say that Libras possess a strong leadership quality. They are well known for their ability to make fair decisions and give judgement in a complexity. As air is invisible or lacking a form, Libras are particularly vulnerable to their own personal projections. Libras are smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. They love the practice of analysis, synthesis and investigation.

3.Libras Love Peace

Usually no Libra person is seen to be involved in trouble. Because it is their inborn quality. They are very peaceful and they are very tactful in keeping relationship with others in a group. Libras always approach situations with diplomacy. As peace and harmony is their preferred method, they always try their best to achieve success without irritating others. Although they do not like loneliness and they are afraid of being alone, they want to avoid strife.

4.Libras Have The Power Of Judgement

The power of judgment and analysis of the person born in Libra is strong. Their judgmental tendencies tend to manifest in different ways in their life.They take time to think of alternatives before making a final decision on anything. In some cases they are in a hurry but at important times they try to stay calm and not be biased. They are very helpful in mediating and resolving the disputes of others.

Libra facts: Libra woman with scale and air sign.

5.Libras Are Loyal To Their Partner

Libras are very loyal to their partner. When they find a person as a partner, they give hundred percent to the him/her. They know how to fill their partner’s life with love and romance. Their love and romance are incomparable. When Libras love someone, they are very loyal and committed to that person and they do not hesitate to show it to him/her. Libras don’t belong to the ‘love at first sight’ group. They take time in disclosing their true feelings to their partners and they tend to settle for long term relationships and stay loyal to their partners. If they make friendship or get married with people born in Aries, Aquarius and Gemini zodiac signs, they can be happy.

6.Libras Are Supportive To Everyone

It is difficult to find compassionate and supportive people like Libras in the workplace. They have extraordinary qualities of love that can easily make people their own. They are devoted to supporting people because it’s in their blood and they don’t just do it to climb their way to the peak. They love everyone and want to work together with everyone. That is why they can easily perform any task. They are all about making sure their colleagues are as happy and flourished as they are. They love to eat themselves and feed people. So most of the people around Libras love them.

7.Libras Can Be Good Professionals

Libras are very beauty and pleasure-loving, emotional or romantic, intelligent, strong-willed and loving. They like to do any work slowly like an artist. So, they seem to be lazy. There goes a proverb that slow but steady wins the race. This proverb is applicable to Libras. If they try, they can be good professionals in anything artistic like artist, singer, painter, composer, writer, dancer, actor, interior decorator, jeweler, dress designer or any profession which requires aesthetic sense. However, business is more beneficial for them than job.

8.Libras are Optimistic

People born in the Libra zodiac sign have a positive attitude. This attitude is always evident in their personality. As Libras are naturally optimistic and often look on the bright side of things, even when other factors say otherwise, they can move forward independently in the workplace without the cooperation of others. Because of their positive attitude, they can go a long way in improving their lives.

9.Libras Are Perfect In Leadership

Leadership comes naturally to Libras. If they are given the responsibility of leadership, they can easily show their skills in that regard. It is hard to find people like them in the field of project development. There are some reasons behind their charismatic leadership quality. First, they are very realistic and they hate unrealistic things. Second, they can balance any task. Third, because of their extraordinary judgment, they can easily resolve any conflict. With these considerations, it can be said that if Libras are given the responsibility of leadership, they can perform it successfully.

10.Libras Are Indecisive

Libras have a few number of negative traits. Indecisiveness is one of them. Libras always want to analyze something meticulously. As they want to keep balance in the matter of taking an important decision, they often do not realize which side they have to support. As a result, they are slow to take decision regarding a matter.

By Krishna Das

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