Maghi Purnima 2022-Date, Time and Significance

Magh is the tenth month of the Bengali calendar year. According to the Gregorian calendar, the month usually falls in January or February. Another name for this month is Magha. Magh is also the eleventh month of Indian Saka calendar. The name ‘Magh’ or ‘Magha’ in both Bengali and Saka calendars comes from the position of the Sun in the constellation Magha (Magha nakshtra in Indian astrology). Maghi Purnima (the full moon) of this month is considered to be very significant. It is also known as ‘Maha Maghi’. The date, time and significance of Maghi Purnima, 2022 are presented below in brief.


From the time immemorial, the month of Magh is very significant to Hindus as well as all the people of Indian sub-continent. The month of Magha is considered as an auspicious and significant month for performing donations and related activities. Khana, a Bengali poet and legendary astrologer said, “Jadi barshe Magher shesh, dhanya Raja, punya desh (If it rains at the end of the month, Magh, the King and his country are blessed)”. Saraswati Puja (Basant Panchami or Sri Panchami) is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magh. Maghotsav of Brahma Samaj is celebrated in this month. In many poems the month of Magh is presented as a subject. Among all these celebrations, Maghi Purnima has a special attraction to the devotees.

Hindu devotees observe some rituals on the occasion of Maghi Purnima. They worship the God of Moon on this day.

On this day, people usually observe a fast, take a holy bath and worship and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and Bajrangvali and donate clothes and offer food to the needy.

Maghi Purnima is also a religious festival of the Buddhists. On this day Buddha announced his Parinirvana (demise). It is said that as soon as the Buddha took such a resolution, a great earthquake started. Asked about the reason for the monks’ association, the Buddha said it was because of his determination to attain Parinirvana. That is to say, the world is thus aroused during the birth, death and enlightenment of the Tathagata.

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This year Maghi Purnima falls on Wednesday, 16th February. According to Hindu Panchang, the Tithi will begin at 09:42 PM on Feb 15, 2022 and end at 10:25 PM on Feb 16, 2022. Maghi Purnima festival is going to be celebrated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic this year. So this year’s festival is different from any other year. Following hygiene practices, devotees will observe the Maghi Purnima festival and pray to God to save the earth from coronavirus.

By Krishna Das

[Last Updated on 15th February,  2022]


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