Shailaputri – The First Form of Navadurga

Shailaputri – The First Form of Navadurga

It is said that Giriraj Himalaya (Shailaraj) and his wife Menka had been doing penance for a long time to get Durga as their daughter. Satisfied by their devotion, Sati took rebirth in the Himalayan home to save the gods. Mahamaya Durga as Shailaraj’s daughter is Shailaputri. She is the first form of Navadurga worshipped in nine day long festival, Navratri.


Himavati is another name of the Goddess called daughter of Himalayas. This Himavati name of the Goddess is also found in the Samvedya Ken Upanishad. Where it is said – ‘sa tasminnebakashe striyamazgam bahusovmanamumang heimvating tang hobach kimetd yakshmiti।। (Ken, 25)’

Appearance of Goddess Shailaputri

What does the Goddess Shailaputri look like? A crescent moon adorns the head of the Goddess. Her vehicle is the white bull or Nandi-Lord Shiva’s Vahana. The goddess is two-faced. She has a trident in one hand. She holds a padma (lotus flower) in other hand.

Bhairava of Goddess Shailaputri

The Bhairava of Goddess Shailaputri is ​​Shaileshwar. Goddess Shailaputri bestows fame with desired fruits to the devotee.

Shailaputri Hymn

Shailaputri hymn says – ‘prathamdurga twang hi bhavasagartarini। dhan aishwaryadayini Shailaputri pranamamayha।। trilokjanani twang hi paramanandapradayini। soubhagyarogyadayini Shailaputri pranamamayham।। charachareswari twang hi mahamohabinashini। bhuktimuktidayani Shailaputri pranamamayham।।’

Shailaputri Temple

There is a temple of Goddess Shailputri near Morighat in Alaipura, Kashi or Varanasi, India. The present temple was built on the ruins of the old temple. The ancient well of the temple still exists. The main temple of Devi is relatively small. On the western wall of the sanctum of this temple is a hard stone idol of Shailaputri. Its cistern contains the ancient Shiva linga of Kashi, Saileshwar. The height of the idol of the goddess and the Shivlinga is almost like a one-handed umbrella. Devotees throng this Shailaputri temple on the first day of Sharadiya Navratri and Vasanti Navratri (Chaitra Navratri).

Governing Planet of Shailaputri

It is believed that the Moon, the provider of all fortunes, is governed by Devi Shailaputri, and any bad effect of the Moon can be removed by worshipping this form of Adi Shakti.

By Krishna Das

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