Dhanalakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth

Dhanalakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth

Dhanalakshmi, a manifestation of the revered Mother Goddess Lakshmi, is celebrated as the Goddess of wealth. She embodies prosperity, abundance, and the limitless potential for financial growth. Dhanalakshmi is not just a symbol of material wealth but also plays a pivotal role in eradicating poverty and guiding individuals toward generating income and fulfilling their desires. She favors those who work hard, helping them achieve financial stability and overcome financial obstacles.

Depiction and Symbolism

Goddess Dhanalakshmi is typically depicted with six arms, dressed in a vibrant red saree, and adorned with opulent jewelry. Each of her five hands holds a significant object:

✪ A discus, symbolizing the power to destroy evil.
✪ A conch, representing the sacred sound of Om and the divine vibrations.
✪ A water pitcher, denoting purity and life.
✪ A bow and arrow, signifying readiness to fight negative forces.
✪ A lotus, representing purity and spiritual enlightenment.
Her sixth hand is in the Abhaya Mudra, a gesture that signifies protection, fearlessness, and reassurance, with gold coins flowing continuously from her palm. This imagery reflects her generous nature, symbolizing her readiness to bestow wealth upon her devotees and guide them toward financial freedom.

The Meaning of ‘Dhana’

The word ‘Dhana’ translates to wealth, which includes not only money and gold but also land, property, and other financial assets. However, it extends beyond material wealth to encompass inner qualities such as strength, willpower, resolve, talent, determination, courage, and perseverance. Therefore, worshiping Goddess Dhanalakshmi is believed to help individuals conquer their emotions and develop these essential qualities, leading to an overall abundance of wealth and prosperity in their lives.

Incarnations of Dhanalakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is revered as the Mother of the Universe and takes on various incarnations to ensure the well-being and propagation of all living beings. Each incarnation serves a unique purpose for the benefit of humanity. Her avatar as Dhanalakshmi is particularly focused on providing financial stability and upliftment to those who seek to accumulate wealth. By invoking Dhanalakshmi, devotees aim to secure material prosperity and financial well-being.

The Legend of Dhanalakshmi

A well-known legend involving Dhanalakshmi highlights her significance. Once, Lakshmi and her consort, Vishnu, had an argument about the importance of money. Frustrated, Lakshmi left Vaikunta, their divine abode, and descended to Earth in a human form. Vishnu, unable to bear her absence, followed her to Earth and lived as a poor forest dweller. Eventually, circumstances brought them together, but Vishnu found himself unable to afford the marriage expenses. He had to borrow money from Kubera, the God of wealth, who demanded that Vishnu repay the loan before leaving. Despite his efforts, years passed, and Vishnu struggled to repay the debt. This experience made him realize the true importance of money. Finally, Dhanalakshmi blessed him with wealth, allowing him to repay his debt. It is believed that even today, the offerings collected at the holy temple of Lord Balaji in the Tirumala hills are used by Vishnu to repay his debt to Kubera.


Offerings to Dhanalakshmi

Devotees seek to propitiate Goddess Dhanalakshmi by maintaining cleanliness and lighting lamps in her honor. Offerings of various red flowers are also made, symbolizing purity and devotion. Prayers are offered with deep sincerity, reflecting the devotees’ earnestness in achieving their life goals. Dhanalakshmi is known to be easily pleased and is always willing to help those who work hard and transcend selfish interests to achieve their ambitions.

Worship and Benefits

Praying to Goddess Dhanalakshmi is believed to bring about profound changes in one’s life. Devotees often witness significant improvements in their financial fortunes and a reduction in business losses. By seeking her blessings, individuals can overcome various difficulties and enjoy a life filled with peace and prosperity. Those who aspire to generate more income and accumulate wealth find that Dhanalakshmi is ever willing to support them in their endeavors. Her blessings are said to ensure financial growth, stability, and an overall sense of well-being.

Dhanalakshmi Stotram

dhimidhimi dhindhimi dhindhimi-dindhimi, dundhubhi nada supurnamaye
ghumaghuma ghunghuma ghunghuma ghunghuma, sankha ninada suvadyanute |
veda puranetihasa supujita, vaidika marga pradarsayute
jaya jayahe madhusudana kamini, dhanalakshmi rupena palaya mam ‖

Meaning: With the rhythmic sounds of ‘dhimidhimi’ and ‘dhindhimi-dindhimi’, and the resonant notes of the dundhubhi drum,
with the continuous ‘ghumaghuma’ and ‘ghunghuma’ sounds, and the auspicious notes of the conch shell,
you are revered by the Vedas, Puranas, and epics, and you show the path of the Vedas.
Victory to you, O beloved of Madhusudana (Vishnu), Goddess Dhanalakshmi, protect me in your form of wealth.

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