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Parashara:The Revered Sage and Vedic Scholar

In the annals of Indian history and culture, Sage Parashara holds a significant place as one of the most revered sages and Vedic scholars. His contributions to the fields of astrology and Vedic literature are widely recognized and continue to influence generations. This essay explores the life and accomplishments of Sage Parashara, highlighting his birth story, his relationship with his son Ved Vyasa, and his notable compositions.

Birth and Early Life

Sage Parashara’s journey begins with a challenging start, as he loses his father, Saint Muni, before his birth. Raised by his grandfather, Vashishtha (one of the Saptarshi), himself a great sage, Parashara inherits a lineage steeped in spirituality. As he grows, he learns about his father’s tragic demise at the hands of a demon, fueling his desire for revenge.

Sage Parashara


Driven by his anger, Parashara commences a powerful Vedic Yajna, the Rakshasa Satra Yajna, with the aim of eradicating the demons responsible. However, witnessing the unintended consequences of the sacrifice, where even innocent beings suffer, Parashara heeds the advice of Sage Pulastya and decides to halt the Yajna, displaying his wisdom and compassion.

Sage Parashara and Ved Vyasa

The story of Sage Parashara intertwines with the birth and life of his renowned son, Ved Vyasa. Parashara encounters Satyavati, also known as Matsyagandha, during a ferry ride. Captivated by her, he expresses his desire for an intimate relationship. Satyavati, aware of their caste differences, initially hesitates but is eventually convinced by Parashara’s promise to preserve her virginity.

Maharshi Vyasa

Using his divine powers, Sage Parashara creates a thick fog that shrouds the ferry, granting them privacy. Additionally, he blesses Satyavati with a transformation, turning the fishy odor emanating from her into a delightful fragrance. Taking her to an island on the Ganga, Parashara and Satyavati conceive a son, who is named Vyasa. Vyasa, also known as Krishna due to his dark complexion, gains the title Dwaipayana as he is born on an island. He later earns the name Ved Vyasa for dividing and organizing the Vedas for human accessibility.

Contributions and Compositions

Sage Parashara’s legacy is deeply intertwined with his contributions to Vedic literature, particularly in the field of astrology. His profound understanding of the cosmos and divine wisdom led him to write and compile numerous Vedic scriptures, elucidating the principles of astrology for generations to come.

One notable legend revolves around Saint Maitreya’s request to Parashara for knowledge in three essential branches of astrology: Hora, Ganita, and Samhita. Among them, Hora stands out as the most significant, and Sage Parashara personally composed it. Some of his well-known compositions include Brihtaparashara Hora, Laghuparashari, Brihtaparashriya Dharmasamhita, Parashriya Dharmasamhita Smriti, Parashara Samhita Vadhyak, Parashariya Purnama, Parasharaoditam Nitishastratram, Parashararodanti, and Vastushastrama. These works have found their place in various scriptures and are highly regarded in the field of astrology.


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