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    Hari DasHari Das

    Lord Shiva is one of the Trideva (Trinity) in Sanatan Hinduism. Actually this is a concept of cosmic functions of creation, maintenance and destruction persnified by Lord Brahma (the Creator), Lord Vishnu (the Preserver or Maintainer) and Lord Shiva (the Destructor or Transformer). According to Shaivism (an important sect of Hinduism), Lord Shiva is Devadideva (god of all gods). He is also called Mahadeva, Neelkantha, Maheshwara, Bhairava, Shankara, Chandranatha, Adinatha, Bholanatha, Pashupatinatha, Nataraja etc. His symbols are Lingam, Trident, Crescent Moon and Damaru Drum. As per Hindu scriptures, Shiva’s appearance is very unique. While other gods are depicted in lavish surroundings, Shiva is dressed in tiger skin, wearing a snake round his neck and in austere settings, usually in yogic position. Parvati, Durga or Sati is seen at the side of Shiva but he is also seen lying under the feet of Kali, another form of Divine Mother. His Nataraja (cosmic dancer) form is very popular among his devotees as well.

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